Mold Remediation

Mold is everywhere and it has been around forever. So, why is it such a problem to us now? Indoor air quality problems are around because of it. We’ve been insulating our homes for years and our air is stagnant. Older homes breathe and dry quickly. Molds emit mycotoxins. These mycotoxins can create breathing problems along with other respiratory infections. These molds and fungi are plentiful and can grow well inside of our buildings.

Any place that is wet or damp from seepage or leaky plumbing can host them. In buildings, the spores spread easily and quickly.

The presence of certain molds and fungi can actually render a home or building uninhabitable. if left uncontrolled, mold and fungi can also cause deterioration of wood, insulation and other building materials. it is imperative that knowledgeable and experienced professionals be consulted to curb this hazardous threat through remediation and removal.

ADVANCE 1’s trained and certified technicians can remove the contaminated porous materials safely. Advance 1 can treat contaminated surfaces deemed salvageable to render the home or building inhabitable again.